Facts and Figures – WW1

Everything that you know about the World War 2

World War 2 was a terrible time for several sections of people from all over the world which made them to get injuries and even death. Actually, it is known as the second global war that was lasted for the years 1939 to 1945.  It involved the massive countries with all the power and the military alliances. This war is considered as the most widespread one in the history and it involved nearly 100 million of people around 30 countries. In this war, the major participants threw their all economic, scientific and industrial capabilities as the effort to ruin the military resources.  In fact, nearly 11 million people were killed.

The bombing of the industrial and population centers made the people to be killed. Furthermore, the atomic bombings in the places like Hiroshima and Nagasaki had resulted nearly 50 to 85 million fatalities.  This made the World War 2 as the deadliest conflict in the human history.

Actually, the empire of Japan aimed to dominate the continents like Asia and Pacific. In fact, the causes of this war were the Italian despotism and the Japanese militarism with the invasions of china in 1930’s. Especially, the political takeover of Germany by Hitler and his Nazy party and their aggressive foreign policy. As well as, the immediate causes of the World War 2 are the Britain and France is declaring the war on Germany after it attacked Poland in 1933.

Strategic bombing during the world war

The bombing of the world war was begun on September 1, 1939 at the time when Germany had occupied Poland and the Luftwaffe.  In fact, the Royal Air Force flew their first strategic bombing of Germany in the year 1940.  This is one of the major bombs blasting in the history. From the year 1942 onwards, the British bombing force had attacked Germany in the target of industries and cites. Mostly, they targeted on the civilian areas.

After that, the United States had started their bombing missions against the Germans in the places like Hamburg, Dresden and some other German cities.

Facts of World War 2

In fact, the World War 2 had totally altered the political alignment and the social structure of the world.  As the way, the United Nations was established to foster the international cooperation and also for preventing the future conflicts. In this manner, some of the major countries that are in the United Nations associations are like the United States, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, France and more.

During the World War 2, there are lots and lots of things were happened and most of them are unknown to the people. As the way, nearly 2 million German women who are aged 13 to 70 allegedly raped by the red army.

In fact, Japan and Russia are the countries who do not still signed in the peace to end the World War 2. Furthermore, the Japanese soldiers who had participated in the World War 2 did not surrender until 29 years after the World War 2 was over.

World War 1 Recap

World War 1 – A great and famous war for people

The World War 1 was truly considered as the Great War. The origin of this Great War was very complex and scale was very big. The main impact on military operations of this Great War was revolutionary and the costs to human and material were numerous. At the end, the World War 1 results were discerning. This war began in the year of 1914 and became a great, serious, affluent and biggest war among all others. It was lasted for four years up to 1918. Initially, this war was originating in Europe and exactly began on 28th July 1914 and lasts up to 11th November 1918.

World War 1 Trench

In this World War 1, there are more than 70 million military personnel such as 60 million Europeans were participating, so it became one of the largest and the biggest wars in the world’s history. As a result of the war, there are over 7 million civilians and 9 million combatants were died. Due to this, the Great War could be considered as the one of the highest deadliest conflicts in the world war history. However, this world war has some great powers in the worldwide. Even the invented of modern technology had also introduced in this world war only and over 9 million soldiers were killed by the end of war exactly in November 1918.

Important facts about World War 1

In the World War 1, one of the renowned men who play a famous role in the Great War history named as Archduke Franz Ferdinand. He was participated and considered as the most important person by the Serbian Nationalist Group called the Black Hand. This was the time of starting the series of world war events, so it leads to the First World War. Under the Ferdinand’s assassination, the world war has started in Serbia for exactly one month. They have a very large army and took a whole of six weeks time to give the whole army together in the war. However, this was just the starting stage of the war, but there are so many countries were involved in that First World War.

Actually, the First World War has started and involved in numerous other countries included Asia, Europe, North America and South America. This was becoming a very big cycle and causing a domino effect in the world. Even though, many European and spanning countries were also participated, but the United States could be declared the policy of absolute neutrality for kept their position throughout the entire World War 1.

World War 1 bring top things to life

Actually, the World War 1 has celebrated as the war to end all other wars as well as the first global conflict in the world. Over the hundred years and several wars later, this Great War would be recommended as a few history bursting gems. Therefore, the World War 1 has marked the end of the world order as well as became known as the war to end all wars.