Children – The Effects of War

Effects of war on the grown up children

Among the many demoralizing aspects of war is that its effects on the children. In fact, the children are the innocent bystanders who are often the losses of the war through the diseases, injuries, malnutrition and even death. Some of the researches have said that nearly 2 million people were killed due to the war from the years 1985 to 1995. Most of the children in war zones become the refugees due to the separation from the death of their family members. This makes them as the orphaned children and therefore they have only provided with the limited access of food and clean water.  So, this makes them face lifelong health problems.

Impacts of war on the children

Children who are struggling significantly during the times of the war in a number of ways in that way, most of the children were caught on fire, bomb blasts and many more. According to the UNICEF organization, eighteen million of children have grown up in the war zones, whereas nearly 2 million of children have died. Then, the six million of children have become permanently disabled and the online million have become orphaned. As the way, children who have grown in the zones of war may definitely get the severe psychological consequences later in their life.

Besides, nearly 30000 children are compelled into the violence as the child soldiers. In fact, this situation is currently used around 30 countries like Sudan, Myanmar, Africa and more. Further, these kinds of children who are forced to become the child soldiers may not welcomed back into their communities and they are further compelled to grow up without the support of their families. These children have faced more atrocity and emotional damages in their life which makes them rude in their future life.

Problems of war affected kids

In fact, the trauma is one of the dangerous things that affect the children who have grown up in the war zones. As the way, children who are separated from their parents and looking for food and shelter can make them feel orphan. So, they need to work to feed themselves and therefore they cannot have the chance to obtain the education and the playful childhood.

As well as, the physical, emotional and sexual violence can also make them feel alone and they can destroy the children’s lives. In that way, the psychological damage may leave the children to carry the burden of their war torn childhoods for the rest of their lives. On top of all these things, the children who are exposed to the war at the youngest age are often afraid and more prone to panic attacks and the anxiety disorders.  As well as, there are also some chances to get the bedwetting and nightmares.

However, it is important to help the war affected children to help them handle the stress and emotional health. In fact, the child psychology specialists have to provide the best treatment for them.

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